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Music by Qrion

For this piece, I wanted to create a short and calming ambient track. I love showing the ambient side of myself as an artist. The inspiration for the sound came from a vision of cloud imagery and the calm water surface which ppl plsr created and represented through the artwork. I used LFO (low-frequency oscillation) to make the music sound floaty and added some hi-pass filters to make the sounds feel calm. The Japanese script rotating around the cloud is our favorite proverbs. Mine meaning “do what you love and success will come”.

Visuals by pplpleasr

The visual for this collaboration is meant to reflect calmness and introspection. The color palette resonates with both Qrion and Pplpleasr’s femininity, and carries elements of Asian influence. The rotating metallic cloud in traditional Asian art style resembles a weather vane, signalling the process of finding your direction and weathering through life’s difficulties. The Japanese script around the cloud is a proverb from Confucius about empathy, meaning “do not inflict upon others what you do not wish upon yourself.”